The Dogs • “Ain’t Going Nowhere” EP [7″]

dogs-aintgoingnowhereWhat makes a punk record today? Über clean ‘n’ whiny vocals amidst perfectly tuned guitars bought for the band by mom and dad? Major label distribution during a tour that the band paid to get on? Or is it a 4-song EP on white vinyl, limited to just 200 copies, put out by a tiny label that’s not in business to make money, by a band of three friends who’ve been playing together off and on for decades just for the sake of playing together? I’d say that’s more likely to be it.

In this case, THE DOGS’ new 7″ “Ain’t Going Nowhere” has a quartet of original punk tunes that rock harder than most of what’s being put out today, by a band that’s got experience in both playing the music AND living the life. The title track, which is the better of the four songs – though the other three are awfully good, too – is about “living the dream” that’s become a nightmare and is likely going nowhere. Fed up? Yeah! Giving up? Hell, no!

Unlike lots of releases that are “limited editions” (say something put out for Record Store Day), this release is highly unlikely to come out again. That’s part of the punk rock ethos – let’s put this out now because this is what we’re feeling NOW. It ain’t gonna last forever, either, so if you want one you’ll have to get off yer ass and find it in your local punk rock record shop NOW. Or, better yet: go see The Dogs when they play your town. If neither of those is an option for ya, then follow the link below and order yourself one, now.

4/5 (Smelvis Records; more info at:


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